You are an intelligent person that has a good mechanical aptitude and you are an “all around” handy person. Does that make you qualified to install your own Residential Elevator.  

The answer is NO!

Here is why...

It is important to have a trained elevator technician perform the installation of your residential elevator to ensure the safe, reliable operation of that elevator. In many parts of the United States, local codes and standards require some type of licensing or certification of competency from its elevator installers. Even in areas where these kinds of requirements do not exist, the same potential hazards remain.

The elevator industry in the United States maintains an outstanding safety record. Years of documented experience has taught the many members of our trade a multitude of small details, as well as the major factors, that make the difference between a safe, reliable elevator installation and one which could potentially become problematic or even dangerous. While the design of a residential elevator may seem uncomplicated, every unit is equipped with several intricate safety devices. Most of these devices require some kind of field adjustment to insure proper operation. Only trained technicians are qualified to perform these adjustments.